Krill Studio is an agency made up of a network of communication professionals, which provides content marketing, design, technology and digital strategy services.
Krill Studio is also active in the field of Italian Cultural and Creative Industries through a communication academy (Krill Academy) and a publishing house (Krill Books).

Transversal skills, tailor-made solutions, reduction of complexity, good communication and good manners, power of results: we do not manage the fluff.


Eleonora Tricarico

Smm and copywriter

Freelance copywriter. Graduated in Communication Sciences and in Management of Tourism and Cultural Activities  

gabriele cruciata

Gabriele Cruciata

journalist and trainer

Journalist and trainer with a focus on slow, investigative, and in-depth journalism. 

Foto Emanuela Tommasi

Emanuela Tommasi

social media manager

Social Storyteller, lyricist and sharing lover. Nomade freelance among culture, food, fashion and tourism clusters. 

Elisa Monsellato Krill Studio

Elisa Monsellato

Art audience development expert

Expert in audience development projects concerning small museums and participatory processes

Profilo Roberto Zambon

Roberto Zambon

Senior copywriter

Working full-time in copywriting since 2010, offering web writing services to companies, professionals and individuals.


Giorgio Coen Cagli

PhD student and photographer

Photographer, Visual artist and PhD student, graduated in History of Art.

Luca Brindisino (by Giorgio Coen Cagli)

Luca Brindisino

Communication strategist

Graduated in Communication Sciences and specialized in Multimedia Communications, Publishing and New Radio and Television Professions. 

foto-profilo-apollonio (1)

Luigi Apollonio

Marketing strategist

Freelance copywriter, SEO expert, and marketing strategy consultant. 


Giorgio Coen Cagli

PhD student and photographer

Photographer, Visual artist and PhD student, graduated in History of Art.


Pierpaolo Lala

Journalist and Author

Journalist, books author, press office specialist and organizer of cultural festivals. 

Cremel training program

Hybrid communication for culture and digitization of cultural activities for the CCI's

 December 2022

Audience Engagement: how to grow the audience of your cultural project

February 2023

Social media management for culture: strategy, contents and channels

March 2023

Marketing for cultural events

April 2023

Team and work processes for communication in the CCI

May 2023

Podcasting and Journalistic approach in communication

June 2023

Blogging and copywriting for culture and creativity

July 2023

Press Office and PR

August 2023

Digital publishing and E-learning

September 2023

Case histories from CCIs

October 2023


“After I started learning design with Qourse, I realized that I had improved to very advanced levels. While I am studying at my university, I design as an additional income and I am sure that I will do this professionally.”
Miriam Webster

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