CreMeL – Creative Media Lab is a totally free e-learning program open to CCIs students, professionals and wider public about the use of new media, digital communication and publishing in the field of culture and creativity.

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Courses are addressed to people who manage or communicate for theaters, art galleries, publishing houses, music labels, libraries, children playrooms, cinemas, live music clubs, museums, library and museum centers, leisure centers, cultural centers, etc. 


We think Cremel users need an introduction to the basics of contemporary communication. That means first of all explaining the importance of knowing how to communicate your brand or project. Then transfer them the basic skills to be able to develop their own communication and media plan and then put it into action.


Cremel is an e-learning program and through the platform you can accede to many video-lessons and courses, a community and a lot of other free resources. The project will support CCI’s communication workers to grow and improve their professional skills.  A lab for content manager, social media manager, digital strategist for Creative and Cultural Industry.

CCI, Communication, Digital Strategy, Event Planning, Social Media Management, Visual Design, Branding, Culture Technologies, E-Learning, Content Strategies, Digital Marketing, Networking, Opportunities, Arts, Culture

Capacity Building

Enhancing and strengthening skills and capacities (both specific and transversal/soft)

Online Community

Networking with other peers active in the CCI field

Live and On demand

Courses and materials will be always available in your member area

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