The Association “Creative Ideas” was founded on 12 October 2011 and comprises more than 40 members – educators, artists, cultural and social workers, craftsmen, and others.

“Creative Ideas” is continuously implementing projects in collaboration with various EU countries in the fields of education, social inclusion, culture, regional development, and EU priorities.

Creative Ideas is a non-governmental organisation from Riga, Latvia, and provides informal youth and adult education.

It was established in 2011 and has grown to 44 members. Creative Ideas specializes in education, culture, society integration, rural development, and EU priorities. We organise trainings, workshops, exhibitions, and competitions. We prepare teaching materials and carry out research. We work in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, and Balvi town, which is located in Northeast of Latvia.
Since its foundation, Creative Ideas has involved at least 1000 unique persons in various activities, introduced Latvians to other countries and cultures; and helped to integrate more than 600 migrants in Latvia. Creative Ideas has implemented more than 30 projects, of which more than half has been implemented in international partnerships.

We are an inclusive organisation – Creative Ideas is an organisation founded and run by women. It offers flexible working opportunities, allowing you to combine exciting work with time for family, study, and other priorities. We create jobs for ourselves and others. Our employees include parents of young children, people 50+, people with disabilities and members of the Latvian diaspora.

Creative Ideas is a member of Civic Alliance–Latvia, Latvian Adult Education Association and Latvian Rural Forum. They have joined the Cooperation Memorandum between NGOs and the Cabinet of Ministers in Latvia and the Cooperation Memorandum between NGOs and the Riga Municipality.


Here you can find the teacher for Latvian Cremel Program


Elīna Bērziņa

Elīna is the Director of Education at the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO. 

Cultural Institutions and Digital Transformation

This is a 15-lecture course accompanied by practical tasks and reading and listening materials.
It takes place between the end of October 2022 and October 2023 and is particularly topical for museum and library staff engaged in the development of digital communication and digital tools. 

The lectures will be conducted by Elīna Bērziņa.

Lectures will take place once or twice a month on Wednesdays 4 to 6 p.m. using the “Zoom” platform. Lecture recordings as well as all the necessary course materials will be available to all participants on this platform. Participants will obtain a certificate after completing the course.


Introductory lecture


Digital transformation and innovation


Digital platforms and trends - past and future


Digital habits of various generations


Design thinking and visual language


User experience


Universal design and digital inclusion


Sustainable digital practices


Leading innovative projects - do’s and don’ts


Collaboration with creative and IT industries


What is strategic communication?

Digital storytelling

Social media platforms and trends


Webpage trends and practices


Tools and platforms in your digital transformation, where to look for guidance and help


“After I started learning design with Qourse, I realized that I had improved to very advanced levels. While I am studying at my university, I design as an additional income and I am sure that I will do this professionally.”
Miriam Webster

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