Damir Medved


director of the EDIH ADRIA project (European Digital Innovation HUB)

Damir Medved is employed at the University of Rijeka as the director of the EDIH ADRIA project (European Digital Innovation HUB), whose main goal is to enable small entrepreneurs and local self-government units to speed up the digitization process of their organizations, speed up the innovation process, the possibility of testing ideas and solutions before starting the investment process and other related activities. In a professional and scientific context, he deals with topics such as civic energy, smart cities, broadband networks, the impact of robotization and artificial intelligence on the development of society and the creation of new products in these domains. It also works in a large number of civil society associations with the aim of promoting and preserving local heritage, ecology and promoting new ones technology in these areas. In 2017, he was declared volunteer of the year in the City of Rijeka.

Damir's course